.....I started my career tattooing in 2006 and have been with Blue Scarab since June 2010. I like the Day of the Dead sugar skulls, doing black/grey, and color tattoos but my talent is not limited! I always give 110% of myself in whatever tattoo I am doing and it shows in my work! We don’t have a lot of flash designs in the shop but together we can come up with a tattoo that is as unique as the person that will be wearing it.
.....In my free time I like to keep my creative juices flowing by airbrushing, whether it be on canvas or on motorcycles and helmets. I am mostly a self taught airbrush artist and have been since 2011/2012.
.....I am lucky to wake up every day and help people express themselves in a creative way- something I absolutely LOVE!  I hope I get the chance to do your next tattoo and give you piece of artwork that will last a lifetime!